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Commodity Charts - Extreme High Historical Futures Prices

Extreme Highs: Updated June 30, 2006

The following commodities are at or near all-time or multi-year highs. When trading commodities, this provides an opprtunity to follow the trend based on breakouts or look for places to short the market for a long-term trade. Commodity Markets will often trade to extreme prices. Looking at the Long-Term Commodity Charts is a good way to reference where the price stands compared to past prices. Buying at long-term lows and selling at long term highs can usually prove very profitable if you have a long-term strategy. A word of caution is that in rare instances, commodity markets can move much higher than expected. Don't risk too much of your trading capital on any one market.

Live Cattle

Canadian Dollar

Pork Bellies


Crude Oil


Feeder Cattle

Swiss Franc

Unleaded Gas


Heating Oil


British Pound