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FREE Commodity Trading Letter by Jake Bernstein
MBH Weekly Commodity Trading Letter is one of the oldest and most established commodity newsletters.
In print since 1972, this in depth analysis of the commodity markets, provides a comprehensive guide to
trends, timing, cycles, and seasonals.
FREE Option Selling Newsletter by James Cordier
James Cordier is quoted regularly on the commodities markets in several national and international
publications and news services including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investors Business
Daily, Barrons, Dow Jones News and Reuters.
FREE Futures Trading Tool Kit
Valued at 506.95! Includes - Book: "Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader"
Audio Tape: "How to Catch Major Price Moves"
Trading Mind Software - subliminal training software on CD to improve trader discipline.
Binder:The Best of Bernstein: 69 articles disclosing the best of Jake's market wisdom
*This offer is only for serious futures traders or individuals seriously interested in trading futures.
FREE $55 Video
Video Interview With One Of Today's Top Money Managers & Stock Market Authority!
FREE 2-Week Trial to Moore Seasonal Research
Whether you are new to the commodities market or a seasoned veteran, access to reliable research can
provide you with both valuable education and market data to make informed trading decisions. MRCI is regarded
as an authority in statistical trade research and features both futures and spread trading strategies from
a wide range of markets each month.

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