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Commodity Chart - Sugar Futures: Long Term Chart

Sugar Analysis - June 29, 2006

Sugar Futures - with a disruption of supply from the hurricanes and demand from China and India, Sugar futures have made quite a move higher. It is one of the better performers of the food commodities. The price of Sugar has more than tripled in about 2 1/2 years. It certainly looks like a clear breakout on the long-term chart, but has had a pullback in the last few months. The price of Sugar Futures currently stands around 17 after reaching a high around 20 this year.

Outlook on Sugar Futures: Sugar has been one of the widely talked about commodities for prices going higher, especially from Jimmy Rogers. He states we are in a long-term bull market for commodities that will push prices higher than most people imagine. I have to say that I respect his work and he is usually and eventually proven correct. This is one market I may be a bit cautious on selling at these extreme levels.