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Commodity Chart - Unleaded Gas Futures: Long Term Chart

Unleaded Gas Analysis - June 29, 2006

Unleaded Gas Futures - The Unleaded Gas Long-Term Chart shows an amazing move from a historical perspective. America's appetite for SUV's and a fairly strong ecomomy set the foundation for higher prices. However, the perfect storm arose when China and India's economies soared and Hurricanes in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf War at the same time caused an explosive move in Unleaded Gas and Crude Oil.

Outlook on Unleaded Gas Futures: In 2002, Unleaded Gas Futures prices were below 50 cents. Today they are holding strong above $2.00! Are Unleaded Gas Futures still going higher or will we see a moderation in prices? The expert say prices are still going higher and we will never see $1.50 gas at the pumps again. Thinking rationally, I have to believe prices will come back down to about $1.00 on the futures market. A commodity is a commodity. The price is dictated by supply and demand. High prices cure high prices. We are already seeing higher supplies of Gasoline and I think it will continue to grow. I remember when Crude Oil was trading near $10 in 1998-1999. The experts were saying we were awash in Oil and it was a glut we couldn't get rid of.